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Product Summary

4 Wheel Electric Forklift Truck Pneumatic Tyre

A low intensity, low maintenance truck that can increase productivity and reduce operational costs.

Ideal for low intensity applications.

The UX series of easy-to-use electric counterbalance trucks provide a dependable general-purpose materials handling solution.

  • Ergonomically designed operator cab

    The comfortable and ergonomically designed operator compartment has a familiar automotive-style layout to reduce operator fatigue.

  • Easy to maintain

    Service time and costs are minimal as there is no need for PCs, laptops or diagnostic tools. In-built diagnostics record faults and service requirements which also help to reduce service time.

  • Advanced electronics

    AC Technology eliminates motor brushes and directional contactors providing minimal maintenance requirements. 

  • Affordable to own

    Proven, high quality, robust components are used and the efficient air and oil filtration and cooling system provide peace of mind.

  • High visibility mast

    The high visibility through mast provides improved forward operator visibility of forks and workplace.

United Motors ERP15-35UX


Model Load Capacity (kg) Lift Height (mm) AST (wide / long) (mm) Battery Capacity (V / Ah) Weight (kg) Turning Radius (mm) Load Center (mm)
ERP25UX 2500kg 6000mm 3879 / 4009mm 48V / 600Ah(V/Ah) 4226kg 2155mm 500mm
ERP30UX 3000kg 6000mm 4025 / 4225mm 80V / 500Ah(V/Ah) 4910kg 2349mm 500mm
ERP35UX 3500kg 6000mm 4101 / 4301mm 80V / 500Ah(V/Ah) 5310kg 2405mm 500mm
ERP20UX 2000kg 6000mm 3879 / 4009mm 48V / 600Ah(V/Ah) 4040kg 2155mm 500mm
ERP18UX 1800kg 6000mm 3580 / 3780mm 48V / 420Ah(V/Ah) 3310kg 1970mm 500mm
ERP15UX 1500kg 6000mm 3580 / 3780mm 48V / 420Ah(V/Ah) 3030kg 1970mm 500mm
United Motors ERP15-35UX


United Motors ERP15-35UX


United Motors ERP15-35UX

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